Quality assurance

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

The quality of software is essential. This is our belief and we stick to it in everything we do.


Setting the bar high

Quality is a habit for us. Looking for bugs, identifying potential problems, finding ways to improve – we savor everything when it comes to the pursuit of excellence. With a rich set of tools and techniques, we establish the highest standard of quality; making your product flawless and your clients happy. 

Our team is experienced in bringing dedicated solutions to a broad range of domains, from Media to Finance.

Thanks to our flexible and personal approach to each client, we are able to predict and be prepared for all possible scenarios.


Different devices - same high quality


Launching a new website is always exciting, but also very demanding. We know that everything must be perfect. Our QA team will make your site bug-free and optimize its performance – from backend infrastructure, all the way to the client-side user experience.


Developing a desktop app? Let us make sure that it functions smoothly and flawlessly. Our experts will test it across various operating systems, platforms, languages and environments. Your customers’ satisfaction is our main goal.


From fitness trackers to smart watches, from smart clothing to glasses - testing the wearables is an absolute pleasure for us. We look for possible bugs and check how your device handles real-world conditions.  So when you finally show the product to your customers, they will fully enjoy its impeccable quality.


For more and more customers, the mobile channel becomes the first point of engagement with the brand. That’s why for us, mobile testing isn’t just about identifying errors – it’s about enhancing your app’s usability. We aim to ensure that your mobile app works properly and meets your clients’ expectations.


Ensure end-to-end product integrity

  • Penetration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing
Penetration Testing
Keep it secure

Even a small security breach could cost your company lots of money and a huge reputational damage. We aim to prevent such threats. Through penetration tests and other operational assessments, we evaluate the level of safety and identify vulnerabilities, guarantying end-to-end business security.

Performance Testing
Keep it exceptional

App performance probably has the greatest impact on how users interact with your company. So it’s crucial to keep it running smoothly. Our team can identify and address potential performance issues in advance. We know how to conduct thorough investigations and keep your clients happy.

Stability Testing
Keep it stable

Do you want to have a perfectly stable app? We recommend conducting tests to track and identify the stability issues of your software. Thanks to stability testing, you can feel confident about the performance of your system, ensuring that it has no errors or unexpected failures.

Functional Testing
Keep it working

We believe that proper functionality forms the basis for positive customer reactions. Hence functional testing is an essential element for strengthening the quality of your software. At intive, we always check thoroughly to see whether your app functions as intended and verify whether it delivers what users expect.

Automation Testing
Keep it repetitive

Introducing test automation to your business usually means reducing the overall testing effort not to mention huge cost benefits. Our experts know how to properly integrate automated testing to get the most out of your operations.  Leveraging our expertise in the newest tools and frameworks, we provide the best test automation services for your business.


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