Advantage by design

It’s great if your product is beautiful. It’s even better if it’s appealing, functional and impactful. Good design is the cornerstone of good business. It not only can transform products and services, but it can also untap new opportunities and create more meaningful relationships with customers.

We specialize in digital products, services and experiences and cooperate with forward-thinking organizations to solve their most critical challenges for tomorrow. Partner with us to create exceptionally designed digital solutions that stand out from the crowd.


Bring your business to the next level

At intive, we believe that a great Design is about framing the real problem, uncovering fundamental human needs and the relentless pursuit of creative excellence. Whether we work on improving your existing product or service, engaging new audiences or creating something new to the world, we strive to stay focused on delivering the best experiences along with a positive business impact. 
Our multidisciplinary Design experts will ensure that no stone is left unturned while dealing with your most pressing company challenges. By leveraging our deep industry know-how and advanced design-led methods and tools, we aim to provide you with the right approach and service to build lasting relationships with your customers and convert your goals into real business value.


Combining form and function

Experience Design

Taking a human-centered approach, we design functional, attractive and engaging digital products, services and experiences. Our process is based on data from real people and insights from researching real business environments. We envision the experiences that should exist in the world and create solutions that bring measurable success.

Business Design

With a rich set of tools and methods, our experts develop and test different business models, identify the most critical assumptions and translate the best cross-industry practices into effective solutions. Closely collaborating with customers and development teams, we support companies in delivering the highest business value and boosting the performance of digital products.


Next-generation services

  • Agile Coaching
  • User Experience Design
  • Concept Development
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Streamlining Business Processes
  • Digital Strategy
Agile Coaching
Time to embrace change

Agile methodologies are all the rage, and for a good reason. Agility means less time to market, decreased risks, and much lower wastes of time and resources overall. intive is experienced in developing agile setups for various industries, and our consultants can show your teams and leaders how to win. We offer a full-stack design service catalogue, adjusting our approach to cater to your company’s needs, establishing standard processes and providing hands-on training.

User Experience Design
Focusing on user experience

If you take your customer satisfaction as seriously as we do, let's join forces! We have a solid track record of delivering user-friendly interfaces, excellent usability, and world-class interaction design. Leveraging Agile UX principles and Design Thinking approaches, we enable effective hands-on collaboration within interdisciplinary teams. Thanks to our expertise, you don’t just get pretty mock-ups or elaborate strategy decks, but real insights and the tangible results in the form of exceptional design and delivery.  

Concept Development
Get the most out of your idea

Once you have a strategic goal in mind, you need to build a product vision that can stand the test of both time and market forces. Work with us to bring your ideas through rapid concept development, starting with a solid product plan complete with a business model, defined USPs, and an understanding of the needs and pains of both your customers and yourself.  The process culminates in the creation of a MVP (Miniumum Viable Product) to validate your key success hypotheses.

Product Lifecycle Management
Let’s team up

From time to time, even the best managers need support to guarantee the successful implementation of a complex digital project. Rely on our consultants to support you in your mission and facilitate day to day operations. We will help you meet deadlines and quality standards, monitor risks, coordinate resources, deal with stakeholders, and establish the production processes – shaping your product from the initial concept to a full-scale business.

Prototyping & Testing
Proper checking pays off

Before you decide to invest on the idea you believe will be the next great success, take a step back. Let us validate the underlying assumptions through constructing provisional prototypes and thorough testing. We will make sure that your product fits the market, resonates well with target users, and possesses all the necessary features – allowing you start the production with all risks mapped out and controlled.

Streamlining Business Processes
Transformation and change

Enable your staff to perform to the best of their potential with a small bit of our help. Our highly trained specialists will take your concerns seriously, look at the status quo and help you identify necessary change. By modeling new processes and assisting with the implementation of the changes across your teams, we will guarantee both workflow improvement and real positive mindset change of your employees.

Digital Strategy
Making it work

When your business faces the challenge of making sense of the ever-changing digital landscape, our experts are here to help. We understand the value of networked thinking, ensuring that future solutions operate seamlessly between people within interdependent ecosystems. We always take your business model into account, and we work closely with you to explore new digital business opportunities, uncover hidden potential and harness new channels and platforms. During the process, we transfer your vision into digital solutions that deliver real value – both for you and your clients. And we make it look easy.


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