Media & Communications

Bringing people together 

In 1969, more than 500 million people watched the live broadcast of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. In 2012, more than 8 million viewers followed the live stream of Felix Baumgartner jumping to earth from the stratosphere. 

Tech and communication channels change constantly, but stories stay forever. 

We’re in the midst of the Digital Era, and at intive, we know just how to make the most of it.


Keeping pace with the impatient

TV Everywhere, calling, messaging and live streaming available anywhere: That's how we like it nowadays. Accommodating the impatient and highly demanding consumers is a challenge for all: content producers, tech suppliers, telecom providers and advertisers. AI, VR, AR and all of the other latest trends point to new, promising opportunities.

At intive, we embrace this continuous tech evolution. We excel at content discovery and monetization, signal optimization, hardware integration and UI implementation. Competitive know-how makes a difference.


Broadcast & Streaming Media

Let your content find its audience in the blink of an eye. With AI- and machine learning-powered recommendation engines, you can't go wrong. We’re here for multi-platform OTT products, tech stack unification and the rest of your complex needs.


The shift to online channels is reshaping the traditional business as we know it. We help publishers address the digital transformation by turning around their business models so they can gain competitive advantage. Always one step ahead!


Data science drives the business growth in telecommunications. There’s so much to win here! But let’s not forget the latest VR and AR craze – new possibilities are unimaginable. We love to help you connect people in new and exciting ways.  

Digital TV & Home Entertainment

We change TV sets less often than smartphones: fact. With IoT and new agile tech, big screens and home entertainment are never going to be the same. We’re here to help leverage these opportunities and help transform the way “how” and “where” we consume content.

Online Media & Advertising

Social media and networking apps revolutionized the game in terms of content distribution, marketing automation, monetization and advertising. By making the most of Big Data, online publishers and advertisers thrive. Ride the wave!


Ahead of the tech curve

  • VR & AR 
  • Multi-platform OTT Products
  • 5G
  • Set-top Boxes & Smart TV
  • Data Driven Intelligence
  • Product Design 
VR & AR 
Virtual Reality… for real

Very often technology outruns business imagination. It takes time to realize all the possible applications for VR & AR. We’ll open your eyes to the different ways in which you can profit from the latest trend. Whether you produce content or deliver telecommunication services, we have VR & AR ideas you’re going to love. 

Multi-platform OTT Products
Great content calls for amazing frames 

Our broad expertise in VOD & TV Everywhere solutions proves that applying imagination to reliable software makes everyone happy. We create mobile entertainment apps for Android & iOS platforms. We excel at IPTV solutions and support big screens and other connected devices including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku.  

The evolution never ends

Just when you think you’ve got it all covered, network makes another jump. 5G is here for good and we know to how to harness it. We have expertise in embedded engineering and 5G architecture development. Get your 4G products 5G-proof with our software services for the network of tomorrow. 

Set-top Boxes & Smart TV
Remember VCRs?

…or waiting forever for your favorite show? We’ve come a long way. Smart TVs and the latest set-top boxes created a new, omnichannel media experience. Services combined, functionalities linked, and possibilities multiplied. We take care of all aspects of home hybrid solutions. 

Data Driven Intelligence
Outstanding and outsmarting 

Big Data can accelerate your decision making and boost your growth. For telecommunications, it’s about predictive data analytics enabling you to be one step ahead. For content producers, we’re talking content monetization across different channels. Optimize your asset performance using intuitive recommendation engines. Deliver irresistible suggestions. 

Next-generation solutions

Einstein said, “Things should be as simple as possible but not simpler.” We break down complex business processes so telecommunications service providers can stop worrying about system integration and enjoy all the benefits of cognitive science in action. AI and machine learning back your operations; you can’t go wrong.

Product Design 
Free Your Mind

We don’t assume. We challenge imagination. You don’t always have to know what you want. It’s our pleasure to shape an idea for you and bring it to life. Our design teams work with you closely to turn the product ideation phase into a valuable business adventure. The way we see it, there are no limits to creativity. 


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