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Regulatory compliance or excellent usability?
You don’t have to choose any more. 
Create financial digital solutions that are both smartly designed and highly secure.


Keep up with mutable regulations and client demands

The digitally literate 21st-century customer expects immediate services and personalized experience in all areas of life. Though not impossible, it is especially challenging for a heavily regulated financial industry.

At intive, we enable you to gain competitive advantages through user-centered products and the newest technologies. We blend the importance of great user experience with the security and fraud prevention needs - helping you stay ahead of the competition. 



Explore endless possibilities of digital

  • Integration of Payment Solutions
  • Mobile Finance Apps
  • Big Data Management
  • Custom Web Development
  • Security and Automation
Integration of Payment Solutions
Streamline your payment process

Providing your customers with secure and frictionless digital payment options is no longer a choice;  it's a necessity. At intive, we have the experience to help you find the most effective online payment solutions. We guarantee custom-made technical integration for all players of the payment processing ecosystem, including merchants, issuers, acquirers, and payment gateways.

Mobile Finance Apps
Embrace mobility with ease 

Mobile is a lifestyle, not just a technology. Today's consumers want to connect their bank accounts, pay bills and transfer money all in a single app. Combining the best development practices with a customer-centric approach, we build beautiful and lightning-fast financial apps of the future.

Big Data Management
Unlock the power of data

At intive, we provide the best software tools to transform your data into valuable and actionable insights. Our self-improving AI algorithms uncover hidden information, analyze users’ behavior, optimize operations and manage risks. Leverage Big Data to improve your business processes – with just a bit of our help.

Custom Web Development
Unleash the potential of your business

We build appealing digital platforms with the tools and compliance regulations required in the financial industry. Our websites engage customers on all fronts: from smart core systems to integrated digital channels. Partner with us to delight your users with unforgettable financial services.  

Security and Automation
Keep your business safe

The financial sector is especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data loss. We deliver a wide range of dedicated solutions to ensure the security of your business. Whether you need to improve compliance, protect your critical assets or lower cybersecurity risks, we are here to keep you safe and satisfied. 


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