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Embedded technology is one of the most attractive areas for innovation. It has the potential to change not only organizations but entire industries, leading to greater customer satisfaction and improved efficiency.  
Partner with us and unlock the business value of embedded solutions.


Maximize the potential of connected devices

The modern world is full of digital devices designed to make our lives easier and more integrated. Powered by embedded technology, these devices are changing the way we live, consume and do business.

At intive, we bring in cutting-edge embedded solutions across a wide range of markets, from automotive to lifestyle.

We work every day to connect people, machines and objects around us and to create products that make businesses smarter, safer and more productive.


Driving future growth


As IoT implementation increases, so does the threat posed by hackers. At intive, we pay great attention to measures and techniques for securing embedded systems.  We provide customized solutions that feature security enhancement to protect your intellectual property and customer data.


There’s an increasing need for connected gadgets across every industry. At intive, we facilitate a network of connected things and make devices internet-enabled – to optimize and develop your business.  


From wearables to smart appliances to automobiles, connected devices require scalability. With our extensive experience, technology skills and proper tools, we create the best performance solutions for your business and users.

Fast time to market

Speed to market is a priority for many businesses, as they try to get a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. Thanks to our consistent and agile approach, we always deliver our services and products on time, helping you one-up the competition.


Enhanced experience everywhere

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Internet of Things
Think outside the box

Thanks to the Internet of Things, even the smallest items can connect to a global network, collecting and sharing valuable digital information. At intive, we use IoT for your business advantage. Dealing with various interfaces and networking protocols, we design solutions that conform to the expectations of users and help you achieve goals.

Rely on our know-how

We have extensive experience in porting and the customization of embedded systems to new hardware platforms. Following the latest trends in embedded development, our experts can modify any application to make it run in a specific environment of your unique requirements.  

Automotive Solutions
Let’s ride to success

Embedded electronics plays a major part in the development of more connected, smarter and safer cars. At intive, we have an expertise at work for the most recognizable automotive brands and are up to date with AUTOSAR standards. Leveraging superior technologies, we deliver groundbreaking products that meet needs of future mobility.

POC & Prototyping
Test your concept

Proof of Concept (PoC) is a tangible asset that can help you make the right decisions about how you develop your  product. At intive, we simulate software concepts to find the best fit for your market, prepare prototypes and secure your investments through customer testing. Our goal is to minimize risk and maximize outcome through a proactive approach and experimentation.


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