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Remote product discovery is possible

It may seem difficult to chase innovation when working remotely and under challenging circumstances. However, at intive we #ChallengeEverything. We’ve developed our methods for remote workshops, meetings, and design sprints. Our proven processes and smart remote tools enable us to deliver continuous innovation. Anytime, anywhere.

Pick a format best suited to your needs

Remote Ideation Day

In a joint remote workshop based on lean principles, we use ideation tools and methodologies and apply them to your specific business challenges. In a specially designed remote session, we co-define the future experience of your product or service. We take a step back to question the status quo, create and iterate tons of ideas, select the best ones and prepare them for validation testing.

Remote Product Strategy Workshop

A clear strategy is key for seamless experience on all touchpoints. Our approach to design strategy is centered on systems-, context- and design thinking embedded in a collaborative space. In a tailored 2-day remote workshop we identify pain points, map out possible solutions to test, and work on a strategic roadmap for implementation. Look at your products with fresh eyes.

Remote Enterprise Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is a 5-day process that puts the business, technology and the user in the center. With valuable design tools and methods critical business questions can be validated and answered effectively. With current business needs in mind, we’ve upgraded the standard process to a more flexible format. Result? Analyzed customer journeys, identified business problems, a multitude of ideas and a validated prototype.

UX Audit

An outside perspective can help us reimagine things. At intive, we uncover flaws and issues in an existing product providing you with an actionable presentation and advice. Backed with UX heuristics, guidelines and industry best practices, we’ll give you a better understanding of the challenges your product might face. Also, a UX audit is a great starting point for iterating your solutions step by step.

In-person UX design sessions are always the preferred ideal option, however, current trying times necessitate remote collaboration. At intive, we’ve tested and iterated concepts for the best remote setup that enables our clients to continuously build perfect products.
Johannes Dornisch
Lead Designer
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