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in_iOS meetup - iOS chewed over

Robert Ignasiak

Mobile Software Engineer

Last week we had a pretty nice new year’s kick-off event. The meeting that was held at our office in Szczecin, gathered about twenty mobile hotheads ready to debate about diverse iOS solutions. As usual, we’ve set up a cozy place and a tight agenda to provide the attendees lots of mobile tidbits.

My name is Robert Ignasiak and I’m a Software Engineer at intive. I am a huge fan of mobile devices and side-projects in which I can test new solutions. I’m an iOS developer and an enthusiast of general-purpose and multi-paradigm programming languages. This time, I’ve decided to jump in the in_iOS meeting with a detailed multiplatform Swift talk. Apple’s Swift programming language is most widely used for iOS and macOS development in Xcode. However, it can also be used in scripting or even compiled into an executable using the command line. I wanted to present Swift as a high value-add product that can be widely used, share some practical tips and go over the maturity of available solutions. I focused mainly on tools that might be practical while using this language on other platforms. I presented possible problems that can be encountered along the way and showed how to deal with them. I hope my intro gave my colleagues some inspiration to get into Swift functionalities even deeper.

Next speaker, Kacper Czapp (Software Engineer at intive) gave a great talk about Siri – a virtual iOS assistant. He started from the Siri roots and went through core functionalities to summarize with an outlook on the future. An overview of the evolution of this technology is very useful and shows a pattern of application development, one that takes into account consumer needs. By the way, we’ve learned a lot about Siri’s imperfections too …  hope she won’t get mad!

The last speaker, Piotr Tobolski – Principal Software Engineer – talked about CoreML. Machine Learning is currently a hot topic-but actually not commonly associated with mobile apps. Piotr showed us how to combine ML with iOS and gave us useful examples of deploying this knowledge. Additionally, we had a chance to participate in live coding of an application that recognizes cats and dogs. It was really something!

To sum up, this evening was really intense. Our event lasted about two hours, and the audience was pretty involved – after each presentation there was a show of hands. Couldn’t be better! In this upcoming year we wish ourselves more meetings like this.

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