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A digital transformation in terms of services is reinventing industrial sector as we know it, forcing companies to rethink their strategies and come up with new ideas to gain a competitive edge. Leveraging our expertise in cloud computing, mobile, IoT and the latest design methodologies, we support enterprises in adapting industrial systems and equipment to the requirements of the modern world.

By developing exceptional cloud-based solutions, we enable forward-thinking organizations to manage the ever-growing production data, reduce costs, increase efficiency, optimize performance and, ultimately, drive profitability. 

Combine your objectives with our know-how – and successfully execute the transformation of your business.


Exceed expectations

Transportation & Logistics 

Clients’ expectations for quick and timely services are what’s guiding the transportation and logistics industry nowadays. At intive, we revolutionize transport systems by streamlining business processes and improving customer service through digitization. Cooperation with such reputable companies as Virgin Trains, Heathrow Express, Sabre and H&S Group has contributed towards development of the highest standards in providing outstanding service to our clients.

GIS & Mapping  

Fast and efficient localization of assets is essential for organizations to gain a competitive advantage. To meet this challenge, we assist geographic information system (GIS) companies in developing reliable digital systems that make the management of resources easy and effective.By providing superior digital services, we have already helped GoConnectIT reduce GIS map processing from 4 hours to 30 min, as well as to scale its end-user base from 5,000 to 20,000+ users.


As the world moves deeper into the Industry 4.0 era, digital technology plays an increasingly important role in how modern factories operate. By developing and incorporating the most innovative solutions, we help manufacturers gain adaptability, automate processes, improve business efficiencies and shorten the timeline from initial scope to production. 

Energy & Utilities

Today, Energy and Utility companies face a complex challenge: cost optimization while meeting the demands of the tech-savvy consumers. We believe that the answer to this problem lies in the integration of innovative solutions into operations and infrastructure. Our experts are committed to changing the power and utility landscape, encouraging companies to grow beyond traditional business models. 

Healthcare & Biotech

While life science companies all over the world try to reshape the future of care, we work as hard as we can to support them. At intive, we have a proven track record of delivering tailored support that brings positive outcomes to our customers. By combining state-of-the-art software with the most progressive ideas, together we strive to increase productivity, achieve sustainability and create a brighter future for all.  


Future driven by technologies 

  • Core Ticketing Platforms
  • Agritech Solutions
  • Industry 4.0 Apps
  • GIS Mapping Software
  • Yard Management Systems
  • Smart Home Apps
Core Ticketing Platforms
Enhance your customers’ journey

For most customers, the ticketing platform is the first point of contact with your company. At intive, we specialize in creating data-driven, multi-modal travel systems that provide relevant, personalized information. Increase passengers’ satisfaction by investing in context-aware digital ticketing services –  and earn their lifelong loyalty. 

Agritech Solutions
Making a difference

The world population is continually growing, driving up global food demand and forcing improvements in the agricultural industry. Addressing the challenges of the modern world, intive cooperates with agritech companies to facilitate agronomic decision making and optimize the potential of the fields. Increased productivity and better environmental sustainability come as a result.

Industry 4.0 Apps
Changing the manufacturing landscape

After mechanization, electrification and automation, the next step is the interconnection of cyber-physical systems: the smart factory. Keeping pace with the times, we develop industrial apps that improve organizational operations, productivity and innovation. Harness the full potential of Industry 4.0 with us, and be ready for the rewarding outcome.

GIS Mapping Software
Collaborate on all levels

Using GIS data has never been easier! At intive, we develop effective GIS digital tools to help you build the best asset tracking systems for your employees and contractors. Thanks to our expertise in cloud computing, we facilitate sharing and collaboration on mapping projects, increasing your company’s productivity and revenue.

Yard Management Systems
Gain control of all yard operations

Timing is everything in logistics industry. At intive we leverage the newest digital technologies to create automated systems that allow you effectively oversee the movement of trucks in the yard of the manufacturing facility and fill orders in an efficient manner. Thanks to automated and fully integrated workflows, your logistics processes will run smoothly, boosting the performance of your business. 

Smart Home Apps
A new wave of innovation 

With the growing acceptance of smart appliances by consumers, the skillful utilization of the IoT technology becomes crucial for modern companies, especially in the utility and energy sectors. Having the tech expertise and knowledge, we focus on developing the smart home apps that meet the demands of both the industry and your customers.


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