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Build up your knowledge: a short introduction to intive guilds

Magdalena Pieczka

Senior Employer Branding Specialist

They say the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. People, with their different backgrounds, passions and talents, need good groundwork that provides them with a solid base to grow. We all know what it’s like to observe a seed that evolves as soon as it discovers favorable conditions.

There is no all-purpose ABC of development. Each one of us likes to progress at our own pace, without any imposed patterns. Though it might be challenging to combine your work with continuous training, it’s definitely worth it. After all, it is possible to set up a structure that’s defined and driven by people themselves. At intive we have guilds.

What’s a guild?

It’s a less official, bottom-up initiative, consisting of an organic and self-organized community supported by the organization. Active and productive guilds are the glue of the company and a great opportunity for creating bonds within the structure. This lively and ever-evolving community thrives for two main reasons: it makes sense to share insights within a specific area of expertise and to simply get to know each other better. 

Guilds can be organized around career paths, technologies, interests and, well, the list goes on. It is important that people cooperate across all the different projects and roles as they wish, with no interference on the management side. Guilds help to share best practices, standards and tools within multiple teams and units in the company. Through guilds, intivers can influence the way they work in everyday projects and broaden or diversify their own career opportunities. People make up the company and their development means growth for all.

Who can create a guild?

Everyone can. No approval is needed and just a few minimum requirements need to be met. If somebody wants to share their knowledge and develop people’s skills by communicating across the organizational structure, they only need to get people together and build a team. The theme can be anything, as long as you can find other buddies willing to join your group. There are hundreds of employees, so it’s usually pretty easy! There are about 70 active guilds at intive Poland, spread across the country, always open to new intivers and looking for expansion.  

Why guilds?

A company culture full of life is priceless. Keeping employees in the loop when it comes to the latest trends and skills is the best way to stimulate growth and spark inspiration. Every single person’s expertise adds up to the “collective superpower” of the company. Guilds create a unique environment in which great ideas and talents thrive. With a bit of agility, enthusiasm and empathy anything is possible.

Not an intiver yet? Let’s do things together. Check the latest openings in our career section.

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