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Keep your head in_clouds

Rafal Kozik

Principal Software Engineer

We continue our meetup journey, and this time we’ve set up a ‘cloudy’ meeting in equally cloudy, wintery Wroclaw. They say this city is the best meeting place, so we’ve decided to gather the best data processing pros in the same spot… and basically, we made it!

My name is Rafał Kozik and I’m a Principal Software Engineer at intive. Last week I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the in_clouds meetup that took place in Surowiec. Snuggy spot, liters of quality beer and several dozens of cloud technology enthusiasts - this is what I call a good vibe!

The meetup started with the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence.  What does it have in common with clouds?  As it turns out, a lot. By providing easily accessible and affordable data storage and processing services, the cloud has laid the foundations for the creation of intelligent solutions. During the meeting, Marek Łabuzek, Senior Service Line Manager at intive, presented available cloud services for AI solutions – coming both from major suppliers and those less known. Marek shared a method for using the presented tools that enables the creation of personalized intelligent assistants. AI opens up some amazing possibilities.

The next speaker, Damian Koleśnik, reviewed the concept of containerization as a part of the Cloud-Native approach, which uses the advantages of cloud delivery models. The idea of containers has already been known at the beginning of the 2000s. However, the concept began to gain real popularity in 2014, with the release of Docker 1.0. Damian told us a lot about its advantages and other interrelated benefits.

Coming to my part, my speech was mainly focused on the core functionalities of clouds: costs of using AWS Lambda in Serverless applications, data files processing, implementation of API and building a workflow integrated with the Data Science solution. Speaking of Serverless and Lambda architecture, I’ve mentioned its performance and cost optimization - useful tips for building cloud-based solutions.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. We’ve learned a lot and spent time in an excellent company, as always! Hope that all upcoming events will be equally successful, and our tech-community expands further. See you all!

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