Tandem and intive: defining the future of banking

Tandem Bank Limited

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Tandem Bank partnered with intive to work on the selection
of cutting-edge banking services, which aim at simplifying and personalizing
finance management.


Product Development, Mobile App, UX, Backend, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data 


Tandem Bank Limited

Tandem Bank is a British challenger bank, known for using
digital technology to connect with customers in whole new ways.


Financial Services

The bridge between Poland and the UK

There are a meaningful business partnership and some great teamwork, lying behind this story. It all started in 2015, when the London-based Tandem Bank teamed up with intive to develop innovative financial products for Tandem’s customers. From the very beginning, the cooperation was based on integration and strengthening the relationships between Poland and England-based developers. The mixed English-Polish teams as well as regular face-to-face meetings in both countries, created an opportunity for extra insights into the project goals and possibilities, resulting in a smooth and efficient development process.

Tailored finance for everyone

Being a challenger bank, Tandem focuses on creating banking services that can improve people’s finances in the long-term perspective. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to delivering on customers’ needs nowadays – people, especially millennials, expect fully personalized solutions. The goal is to develop exceptional digital products, which reflect customers’ lifestyles and add real value by solving their problems.

Rethinking the banking together

For over 3 years now, Tandem and intive have been working closely on creating frictionless banking services that would appeal to today’s consumers. Cross-functional dev teams are actively involved in backend and frontend works, data analysis, regular testing and other tasks to guarantee the most effective development of the bank’s flagship product – the Tandem app. This user-friendly and very intuitive app creates a captivating mobile experience and has the potential to change the way people think about spending their money. Accelerating the trend of so-called “lifestyle banking”, Tandem concentrates on the constant improvement of the app’s customized financial management features as well as creating the most secure payment processes for its clients.

Staying SAFe

Considering the flexible nature of software development, Tandem and intive have decided to implement the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Based on a combination of agile and lean principles, it allows for very close collaboration between engineers, combined with the centralized decision-making. The important part of SAFe is regular PI planning - routine face-to-face events, where the teams create their iteration plans and objectives for the upcoming sprint. During these meetings, the developers also check alignment with business goals to make sure that the strategic objectives of the project remain top-of-mind. The applied methodology works perfectly both for business owners and programmers, accelerating the delivery of digital solutions - e.g. the average number of successfully completed sprint releases per month amounts to 130.

From POCs to perfect solutions

From the start, the development of Tandem financial products is based on a user-centered approach and all solutions are constantly being tested to meet customers’ expectations. Proofs of Concepts (POCs) are among the crucial steps of the process as they allow checking the feasibility and reasonableness of new ideas. In the case of Tandem, the POCs are usually performed by the dedicated “pop-up” team, temporarily built of members of other teams for this purpose. The newly formed team is involved in extensive research, analysis, development, and testing of a new feature. When the work is done, all members return to their usual teams, providing their teammates with information about the results. Thanks to such approach, all modifications or new feature integrations are much smoother, and the risks are reduced.

Better insights – better decisions

One of the most substantial, integral parts of the Tandem app is its budgeting feature. Using machine learning and predictive analytics, Tandem and intive’s specialists analyze the clients’ accounts history, detect regular transactions and extract valuable insights from this huge amount of data. The highly scalable Amazon Web Services are used for storing and processing of the Big Data in order to maintain sufficient functionalities and capacities. Thanks to AI-driven analytics, Tandem bank can match user needs on a very deep level, providing them with information about their spending habits and giving helpful tips on saving money. For example, the app alerts the clients when their bills increase, informs about upcoming payments or suggests better financial deals – letting people have more control over their budget.

Targeting the major growth

Although the work on some Tandem’s services (including the app) is still ongoing, it’s already bringing satisfactory results. From the growth side, 2018 could be called a pivotal year for Tandem: after launching the credit card and fixed savings accounts, the bank has notched up more than 100,000 customers. With new products on the way, these numbers are expected to swell, cementing the Tandem’s position on the market.

Developing state-of-the-art products requires not only constant innovation and focusing on the user's needs, but also the right technology business partner, who shares the same vision and values. Together with intive we were able to build an incredible, well-integrated team to create a perfect digital banking experience for our customers.

Paul Clark

CTO at Tandem Bank

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