Vorwerk, intive and UID designers honored with a Product Award by the International Design Center Berlin


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Munich, Germany – August 23, 2019 – Vorwerk International & Co. KmG, intive and User Interface Design GmbH (UID) create an outstanding user experience with the Cookidoo® platform – a project now awarded by the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ). The future-oriented digital ecosystem, tailored for the Thermomix® community, has just been recognized in the ‘Product’ category of this year’s UX Design Awards taking place on September 6th at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin. The Awards are presented annually since 2015.

A jury of 7 industry experts selected 51 design solutions from over 20 countries to name 10 winning, user-centric concepts and products that challenge our perceptions and today’s living environment transformed by technology. intive’s submission to this edition of the event included a revolutionary platform for culinary inspiration realized with UID, a UX service provider with 20 years of experience in the design and development of digital products. It was made for Vorwerk Thermomix known for the world’s most intelligent and most successful IoT application for cooking – Thermomix®.

Cookidoo® shares thousands of recipes tailored for the multifunctional countertop appliance with a global network of its users via web, mobile and the touchscreen display of Thermomix itself. intive, Vorwerk’s digital partner since 2012, and UID add crucial design expertise to the project that makes the customer journey of digital cooking engaging and complete. As pointed out by the jury: “The cooking platform Cookidoo® is a well-made holistic experience. It delivers on the promise of seamless interaction across different devices and scenarios – from inspiration and shopping to cooking and community-building. It facilitates role-sharing between users and helps to deliver relevant content for different target groups.”

The application stood out from over 200 eligible submissions delivered to the German competition in 2019. The company found itself among finalists such as GE Healthcare and Philips. Premium user experience is at the core of the company’s collaboration with global brands and Vorwerk is one of them. 

“The passion of all teammates for our shared vision and the extensive collaboration between Vorwerk’s UX team, intive and UID was key to provide great customer experience.” said Ramona Wehlig, VP of Customer Experience at Vorwerk.

“Vorwerk has succeeded in carving a future-forward niche in the connected experience around smart, healthy cooking and meal planning,” said Bhav Chohan, Global Head of Design at intive. “Our engagement in this fantastic digital journey is a great achievement in itself. And now, with the Product Award in Berlin, we’re celebrating both: outstanding design and our long partnership with the client.”

UID’s mission in the Cookidoo® project was to create a seamless graphical user interface for the cutting-edge, connected device. “Thanks to its intuitive user guidance and outstanding design quality, the Thermomix® is not only easy to use. It also offers a unique cooking experience that inspires” says Philipp Schröder, Project Manager and Senior User Experience Designer at UID. "We are very proud that we have been able to co-design the future of cooking together with Vorwerk since 2009.”

About intive

intive is a global digital powerhouse headquartered in Munich, Germany. With a challenging, exploratory and agile mindset and international teams of software, design and business experts, intive partners with market leaders in accelerating digital transformation for products and services of tomorrow. intive’s solutions driven by world-class innovation add value along the whole application lifecycle – from product conceptualization to its maintenance. The company’s operations include 14 development centers and 8 design studios in Germany, Poland, the UK, the USA and Argentina as well as regional offices in France, Spain and Sweden. intive won the trust of the world’s largest companies such as Audi, BASF, BMW, Credit Suisse, Discovery, Disney, Esprit, Facebook, Google, ING, Viacom, Vodafone and Vorwerk. Read more at www.intive.com

About User Interface Design (UID)

As a pioneer and market leader for user experience, User Interface Design GmbH (UID) develops the bestsellers of tomorrow. For more than 20 years, software solutions made by UID have been amazing their users with their easy operation and unique user experience. UID is a team of 100 experts for usability, user experience design and software. Since 1998, our customers have been relying on their outstanding quality. The result: more than 4,000 successful projects in the automotive, consumer, enterprise, manufacturing and medical industries. UID is headquartered in Ludwigsburg but also offers its services in Berlin, Dortmund, Mannheim, Munich – and worldwide.

About Vorwerk

The Vorwerk & Co. KG family enterprise was founded in 1883. The holding company’s registered office is located in Wuppertal, Germany. At the head of the corporate group is Reiner Strecker. Vorwerk’s core business encompasses both the production and sale of high-quality household products (Thermomix kitchen appliance, Kobold vacuum cleaner, Twercs tools, Temial Tea maker) and cosmetics (JAFRA Cosmetics). Here, Vorwerk always seeks direct contact to the customer – be it through direct selling, via its own e-shops or its Vorwerk stores in good inner-city locations. The Vorwerk family also includes the akf bank, Vorwerk flooring and its sister group, HECTAS. Worldwide there are more than 645,000 people working for Vorwerk, some 633,000 of whom are independent advisors. Vorwerk generated consolidated sales of 2.9 billion euros (2017) and operates in more than 70 countries.

About International Design Center Berlin

The UX Design Awards are organized by IDZ Designpartner Berlin GmbH, a subsidiary of International Design Center Berlin (IDZ). For over 50 years, IDZ has been one of the leading institutions for promoting design in Germany. Its members include over two hundred designoriented companies, agencies, institutions and creative people. In addition to events and formats for networking among its members, the IDZ also carries out projects and events on a national and international level in exchange with actors from politics, culture and science.

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