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Thermomix App – freshly made for iPad and iPhone


Thermomix is the strongest selling kitchen device ever! Now it's equipped with a dedicated App.


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Thermomix - Vorwerk's Masterpiece

Every 38 seconds somewhere in the world a new Thermomix is being sold. intive is responsible for the continuous development and improvement of the accompanying mobile app. Besides the immense success in Germany the Thermomix hype has spread to countries like Italy and Portugal. It is the strongest selling kitchen device ever! To further spread this success there is the need to develop an app that goes hand in hand with the new Thermomix.

Digital cooking

Firstly, it has to introduce Thermomix-user of older devices into digital cooking. Secondly, it has to be the perfect partner for the new TM5. Vorwerk understood the subject “cooking” not as an isolated event in the kitchen but as part of a more complex cooking routine. Meal planning, shopping and preparation are important subjects too. Accordingly, the app has to offer an intelligent calendar - and shopping list – function to make cooking easier.

An App for better UX

By coordinating the steadily growing world of Vorwerk´s recipes through a presentation that goes perfectly with the usability of the Thermomix, the new app should be the most important approach to the digital world of cooking. The result should be a simpler and smarter way of cooking and a discovery of new recipes. Next to the size and the strategic significance of the app, the development of the project in 4 different countries was challenging.

Design and development

intive served as a conceptional and creative consultant. Furthermore, intive developed the frontends and the specification of the interface for the complete digitalisation of the Vorwerk-recipe catalogue. Design and concept were created in Rotterdam. The Vorwerk-team in Lisbon is took care of app usability. The backend was done by in Essen. Vorwerk in Switzerland provided the framework and strategic and functional focus of the app.

International teamwork

Therefore, the whole project was done in collaboration with teams from Portugal, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Being the app developer, intive was responsible for holding all the strings together. To face this challenge, the project teams of intive worked according to the most up-to-date and approved project management methods. intive created the app in a way that allows a smooth syncing between various platforms. 

The digital cookbook

The Thermomix App is the digital cook book Vorwerk par excellence. Besides the development of the new Thermomix, the app is the companies most important step into the world of digital cook books, and one of the most successful German products in the last years. With intelligent syncing functions, a digital interconnection of cooking, planning and shopping the result is more than an app, but a partner that makes your everyday cooking much easier.
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