Advanced engineering powered by dreams

Highly sophisticated tech is not just about the mechanics. All innovation stems from great dreams. Electric vehicles, autonomous cars, augmented reality (AR) head-up-displays – all of these concepts seemed futuristic not too long ago.

Let's start something great!

The future has arrived. At intive, we translate innovative dreams into Digital Automotive Excellence. We're creators of revolutionary technology and visionary mobility concepts.   


Delivering digital automotive excellence

We are experts at what we do, and we credit that to our long-standing relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Deep relationships bring deeper understanding. We always strive for excellence, prototyping with passion and curiosity and delivering top-notch software.

Backed with our extensive experience in engineering SOP-ready products with Tier 1 customers, we are always on top of the latest industry trends. Connected cars, electric mobility, complex HUDs, Power ECUs and Autonomous Driving. Moving the needle forward is our game.  

We surprise both those who crave an extraordinary driving experience and those who look beyond. We believe high-tech and green tech go hand in hand. 
Let’s make the next big thing together!


Always pushing forward


Cars are now super intelligent computers that enhance the driving experience and ensure maximum safety. The game has changed forever. With our research, prototyping and pre-development services, we drive that change with you.

Automotive Suppliers

E-mobility, connectivity, autonomous driving, in-vehicle infotainment, powerful ECUs – we bring bold ideas to life. SOP-ready product design, engineering and product industrialization: that’s intive. At your service.

Mobility Providers

The future of urban mobility is unfolding right in front of us. Our versatile tech scouts have unexpected solutions to dynamic challenges. We do E2E Product Design & engineering. And we do it right.


Technology that drives change

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Connected Car
  • Advanced Mobility
  • Infotainment Systems
  • Ai and Algorithm
Autonomous Driving
The new way of transportation

The new generation of driver assistance systems makes you want to drive forever. We develop an entire range of technologies, including AI solutions, image and pattern recognition, camera integration and sensorics -- from traditional programming to model-based development and testing. We love smart driving.

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Connected Car
Embedded systems, security & analysis

On the strength of countless successful projects, we're proud to call ourselves experts in all phases of software and system development – and we offer that expertise to you. Embedded solutions, bold prototypes and series, power ECUs, automated product testing, error case analysis, security solutions, analysis and tracking tools: you name it. Automotive SPICE compliant, of course.

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Advanced Mobility
Shared & electric driving, future concepts

Half of the world’s population live in cities. Urban mobility is not a trend: It’s a real challenge. We’re here to support all flexible options: car- and bike-sharing, ride-sharing, Car-on-demand systems, e-scooters, built-in traffic monitoring apps – all for the sake of interconnectivity.

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Infotainment Systems
Backend, HMI & Simulation

Today’s drivers like to stay connected. Highly sophisticated backend systems make that possible. With our extensive experience, we'll drive your product idea through the digital highway. We empower you with prototypes, simulators and ready-to-use components. We provide 2D & 3D graphics as well as tech scouting and IVI solutions. Let’s get creative.

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Ai and Algorithm
Smart Solutions

By the use of modern algorithmics such as Machine Learning or Deep Learning, we solve complex tasks in the most diverse areas. You benefit from the use of the latest technologies and the longstanding experience of our experts. We advise you on the latest developments in various technologies, algorithms and software architectures. An agile way of working allows short-term adjustments to your specifications.

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