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Company preparedeness for Coronavirus

intive's COVID-19 response

A letter from the CEO

Dear Customer and Partner,

I hope you and your loved ones as well as your employees are safe and well.

I am reaching out to you as an entrepreneur who has dedicated most of his professional life to overcoming challenges with digital solutions, but also as someone who is deeply concerned by the current global health emergency and the uncertainty it brings. The global spread of COVID-19 is not the kind of challenge we were all looking forward to when making plans for 2020.

At intive, we have adjusted our ways to the extraordinary circumstances and continue our work. Our business is international in scope and diverse at its core: intivers connect across multiple time zones each day sharing their experience and skill in projects supporting sustainable agriculture, digital banking, media and entertainment, retail or travel industry.

In these unprecedented times, we are here for you and all our long-standing partners and we remain flexible and open to the difficulties ahead. We understand the gravity of the situation in many affected sectors and offer our support in finding solutions for business continuity through digital tools.

We have strong investor backing from Mid Europa Partners and are financially prepared for a period of economic strain. We have secured our business continuity with all the necessary measures to be able to deliver our projects remotely, leveraging our technical infrastructure and experience in managing distributed teams.

As a global digital powerhouse we believe in design and engineering but above all – the power of collaboration. I hope that global response to COVID-19 will prove our ability to join forces and we will endure.

I extend my thoughts to all the families affected by the new virus and applaud frontline medical professionals and researchers in this uneven race against time.

Gurdeep Grewal

Digital Business Continuity

Discover our digital approach to your challenges.

We have found ourselves in an unpredictable environment. At intive, we’ve adjusted quickly and stay connected with our employees and partners worldwide. We continue delivering design and engineering to support businesses in their digital transition – a shift that is now more important than ever.

Gurdeep Grewal
Chief Executive Officer

Company Statement on COVID-19

The measures we’ve taken to secure our business continuity
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