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Cross-platform video-on-demand solutions for Maxdome
One app on four platforms

Together with intive, Germany´s biggest online video store developed the first streaming app in Germany for all relevant mobile platforms. In other areas the app is a pioneer as well: being one of the first Chromecast apps, intive exclusively worked together with Google.

One app on four platforms

Furthermore, intive, as an official partner of Microsoft, collaborated with the development team of Microsoft in San Francisco to implement Windows and therefore had an influence on the Windows-8-Framework. Thanks to the agile project management, it was possible to launch the app on time. It then became a part of Google´s ad campaign for the implementation of Chromecast in Germany.

The Task

The roll out of smartphones and tablets exceeded the volume of the biggest PC – and TV – screens by 4-5 times. Living rooms have undergone a silent revolution in the last couple of years: the traditional remote controls, TV programs and TV channels are now distributed more and more for personalized video-on-demand services, discovery engines and apps. According to the famous KPCB- venture capitalist in Germany, there are more screen-minutes consumed on smartphones then on bigger TVs since 2014. Together with the increasing multiple-screen-consumption this gigantic shift in the viewing behaviour caused Maxdome – the biggest online video store in Germany – together with intive, to re-edit the entire iOS-App and to further develop it for the platforms Android and Windows. The integration with smart-TVs, the launch on all for that time relevant mobile platforms and the very first application of DMR-protected streaming contents in an offline context together with a tight time pressure were the main challenges for the intive team.


intive developed the Maxdome-design for Windows and adapted the iOS-design, which was created by Maxdome, for the Android-platform. The full development of all apps including the Smart-TV integration was done by intive. One of the project´s main challenges was the integration of entirely new technologies, for example the Chromecast-streaming. Due to its stability and its fastness, the app passed the demanding quality tests of Google. Because of the market launch of the Chromecast-Streaming-Dongle - so far Googles most successful step into living rooms -  it was selected as one of the few showcase-applications. Since the Chromecast-SDK was not stable at that time, intive had to fulfil the highest requirements. It´s project management and the development team of Android worked closely together with Google London. intive was able to fulfil this task thanks to an agile and brand new working method according to Scrum and it´s Android-expertise. These circumstances were important for the demanding encodings of Maxdome’s video content, too. Being one of the first DRM-protected apps in Germany, the latter was supposed to be available even offline. Especially in the realisation of Windows 8, this was a big hurdle to take. It´s framework was not constructed for implementation yet. intive, as the official partner of Microsoft, solved this problem in tight collaboration with the Windows-8-team in San Francisco. Together, the framework for Windows 8 was extended to guarantee a smooth implementation. intive worked according to a professional and established time management. As a result, it was possible to stick to the launch date set by Maxdome and Google. Maxdome´s project owner was completely involved in the development and was informed about all steps of the project, 100% transparently. Therefore, one team – with employees of intive and Maxdome – worked together. This is an essential factor for the success of the app.

The Success

The Maxdome App represents a technical innovation in not just one sector of German streaming apps and it reached top 5 rankings on all platforms. Chromecast-streaming and the implementation of DRM-offline-content impress through stability and performance. This was achieved by the tight collaboration with Google and Microsoft. Last but not least, it was possible to launch the next chapter of Maxdome´s story of success on time, this thanks to an agile project management.
Google was convinced of the quality of this streaming app, that they used it for the launch campaign of Chromecast in Germany.
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