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04 APRIL 2017
intive joins Level39 and moves to the heart of the financial world
Munich, Germany – April 4, 2017 – intive becomes a member of Level39, a vibrant tech and business accelerator, and changes the location of its London office at the same time. 
Level39 is one of the largest technology accelerator spaces in Europe and a leader in the field, mostly focused on areas such as finance, cyber-security, retail and smart-cities. The main idea of the group is to support businesses of every size in their quest for permanent and extensive growth and to find a way to develop start-ups and turn them into unicorns. Level39 is located in Canary Wharf, one of the two financial centres of London.
'Being at the heart of a worldwide business centre, we can serve our clients even better and stay on top of business and technology trends,' says Jacek Ratajczak, Senior Business Development at intive. 'Since we entered the UK market, we have realised nearly 30 successful projects there, collaborating with Primark and Virgin Trains among others. Our decision to join Level39 reflects our strategic focus on FinTech, on addressing the needs of banks, financial institutions as well as the hottest start-ups, such as our clients Azimo and Tandem bank,’ adds Ratajczak.

Being in the centre of the FinTech transformation

FinTech is one of the hottest industries right now and is already worth an estimated 26 billion USD. It is expected that investments in this sector of technology will reach 46 billion USD by 2020. A significant part of worldwide financial life happens in London, currently it’s a hub of FinTech innovations and a meeting place for investors. According to the European Digital City Index, London featured at the top of the list in both the start-up and scale-up categories. Startup Hubs Europe reveals that the total amount of investment in London’s start-ups is 12.7bn, while total funding in Europe equals 36bn euros.
Location of the new intive office:
One Canada Square, Canary Wharf,
London E14 5AB, Great Britain
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