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06 JUNE 2017
Case Study
intive delivers RL360°’s revolutionary digital technology
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Online solutions will speed up offshore insurer’s sales process

RL360° is a well-established life assurance provider, based in the Isle of Man. The company was keen to transform its paper-based sales process by embracing digital innovation to reduce the time it takes to prepare and submit new business.

In 2015, RL360° partnered with intive to develop an online desktop application and tablet app for their flagship regular premium savings product Quantum. The new systems can be used instead of the traditional paper application process. 


About RL360°

RL360° is a well-respected international life assurance business providing premium investment, savings, and protection products to high net worth customers around the globe. Headquartered in the Isle of Man, one of the world’s leading offshore financial jurisdictions, the company offers international advisers and their client's superior products and outstanding administrative support. RL360°’s Isle of Man location also offers clients greater scope for tax efficiency and a wider range of investment opportunities.

Business growth requires digital innovation

RL360° had a clear vision to improve business efficiency through digital innovation and greater process automation. The primary aims were to speed up the sales process while cutting down the operational costs for the independent sales advisers selling RL360°’s products.
RL360° wanted to embrace new digital technologies such as on-screen signatures, electronic forms, document capture, and straight-through processing.
The traditional paper application process involves long timescales: an adviser will meet a client, complete a paper application form and courier it to their admin centres to be keyed before it is sent on to RL360°’s head office in the Isle of Man to be checked and input into the company’s systems. As RL360°’s customers live all around the world, a courier can take up to a week to reach head office and can be expensive to send.
A new digital solution would dramatically reduce the time between a policy application being prepared and issued while saving money on those costly courier fees.

Why intive?

As tablet app creation was not the RL360°’s core competency, finding a reliable and affordable software technology provider was the key step in navigating RL360°’s desired business transformation.
Two main criteria determined the decision to choose initve as a partner in this challenging process:
  1. The software house’s proven track record in developing tablet apps of a similar size.
  2. intive’s in-house framework, Atomic, that differentiated intive from the competition. With its ready-to-use modules, Atomic enables much faster and more cost effective software project delivery.

A new way of doing business

RL360° provides a range of products but it's flagship regular savings product Quantum was chosen as the first product to be made available online and via the tablet app.
A dedicated intive “Scrum” team, joined by RL360°’s in-house development team, divided the project into two stages:
  1. Development of an online application process.
  2. A tablet app accessible for both Apple and Android users for offline completion of applications, document capturing, and onscreen signatures.
An Agile project management framework enabled the team to generate results in a highly flexible and effective manner. A new deployment of key functionality was delivered every two weeks for testing and approval.
To speed up development, the project team decided to apply an innovative Microsoft technology called XAMARIN, available at that point only in a prototype Beta version. This unique cross-platform development tool simplifies mobile app creation by allowing developers to build iOS, Android, and Windows with the use of one single C# code that can be then shared across all three mobile platforms.
The Quantum tablet app boasts a set of enhanced sales support features including on-screen signatures, dynamic language change between English and Spanish, the ability to add images captured on the tablet’s camera and certified on screen or selected from the app-based library. The app allows the user to copy duplicate information across the sections as well as filter and select fund choices. It also has an intelligent validation system that helps ensures applications are completed correctly.
It also features multilevel encryption to meet RL360°’s strict data protection requirements. Industry standard cryptography was utilised to ensure the database is fully encrypted and that all sensitive data is firmly secured.

A successful outcome


The online version of the Quantum application form was released in early 2016 and now around one-third of all RL360°’s Quantum applications are submitted this way. Applications submitted this way are mostly issued within one to two working days. This is five times faster when compared to the traditional paper-based application process.

RL360° is now piloting the Quantum tablet app and is anticipating a full roll-out in the very near future.
“It has been a challenging and exciting project to work on, and we have benefited enormously from intive’s expertise, help, and commitment,” said RL360°’s Head of Projects Richard Wadsworth. This is transforming the way in which we sell our products around the world, and the feedback from our sales advisers has been extremely positive.” 
RL360° is now working with intive on developing online solutions for its other products.
“It has been a challenging and exciting project to work on, and we have benefited enormously from intive’s expertise, help, and commitment” - Richard Wadsworth, Head of Projects at RL360°
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