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08 JUNE 2017
intivers’ voice
Hello, I want to tell you a short story about my journey with Angular!
I'm Mateusz Stradałowicz, Junior Software Developer at intive, and I want to tell you a short story about my journey with Angular.
Angular is a state-of-the-art, high-performance and powerful, open-source front-end web application platform based on TypeScript. One of best frameworks you can learn and work with as of today.
My journey with Angular began with one of the first “The Big Bang Theory Guild” meetings held in Białystok, Poland. At our guild meetings, we share knowledge about programming and discuss new technologies, programming tools, etc.
I've asked my colleague Maciej Andrzejczuk, Software Developer at intive, to prepare some materials for the guild meeting about Angular 2 and to present it to the guild members. After the meeting, I had a chat with Maciej, and he suggested we do an Angular 2 Workshops in our location. From that point, I got involved in preparing the workshops and started to learn more about the open-source front-end web application platform.
It took about a month to prepare everything – drafting workshop materials, deciding on how to present it, planning budgets and booking people time to commit to the training.
Finally, Maciej led three editions of the workshop with me having an individual part in it - I presented the basics of Angular 2, Maciej showed some more advanced functionalities. It all would not be possible without the help of our colleagues at intive, who provided resources to make the workshop happen.
Our workshops covered basic information about the concept of Angular 2 as well more advanced insights such as data binding, styling, components, services, modules, routing, HTTP, angular-cli, directives, visual studio code, typescript and much more.
At the same time, we shared this knowledge with students at the Białystok University of Technology. Our meetup event engaged more than 80 people who wanted to take part in the workshops! We sincerely didn’t expect such a high level of interested in such matters!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maciej - without him; I will not be where I am now. This is certainly not the end of our journey.
I'm looking forward to what comes next and how this would develop my skills further. My journey with Angular was an interesting way to learn a new technology - by teaching someone else.
I am proud that I can write one of the first blog posts at the “intivers talk” blog. Thanks for reading and I hope we will meet on our workshops in the near future!
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