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Greenfield projects are good for startups. Enterprise solutions require a ‘greenhouse approach’: Business process software must be like the enterprise it serves, evolving without rapid shifts and ever-growing, with long-term goals in mind.
Agility without chaos is possible. We're not talking flashy tricks here. Progress happens where there’s solid ground for blooming innovation.


Managing sustainability with a brave vision

Scale matters. There are solutions perfect for newcomers and those that match big scale enterprises. Complex enterprise architecture that produces great outcomes is not something you want to experiment on.

Large, legacy structures, the security of a system and its components, the introduction of new apps and the evaluation of existing software, quality maintenance; these aspects are ongoing challenges. To be able to grow, businesses need to address the most pressing issues swiftly and to learn to be agile, light and easily scalable.

Where steady growth is the goal, pragmatic and real-world oriented solutions are the way.


A greenhouse approach to enterprise tech

Smart Growth

Continuous, undisturbed growth is possible. Don’t let your tools get in your way. When expanding your horizons, trustworthy software is your best friend. Our software services support digitally advanced Tandem Bank in maintaining steady growth. 

End-To-End Services

Why worry about all aspects of your endeavor when we’re here with our expertise? Let us do our work. We’ve worked on a revolutionary solution with RIPCORD – the world’s first robotic records digitization company.  

Cost Reduction

Lightweight architecture, transition to opensource software, app cloudification – all contribute to cost reduction. Our continuous services for GOconnectIT – the leader of innovative solutions for the cable & duct industry – boost the company’s performance.

Secure Software

Secure software is essential for your peace of mind. To provide you with bulletproof software, we’ll make sure a set of measures is in place: security audits, policy checks, automated tools. Feel safe. We’ve performed a thorough security audit for Galanz, the largest microwave oven producer in the world.


Services for best possible performance

  • Enterprise App Development
  • App Audits & Maintenance
  • Managed Security
  • Transition to Microservices
  • Open-Source Transformation
  • Secure Software Development
  • App Cloudification
Enterprise App Development
Boosting enterprise value

Enterprise grade software is about resource and growth management. Intive has substantial expertise in this field. We engineer and deliver solutions that help you stay on your path to success or discover shortcuts. Go custom where you need to, go standard where you can.

App Audits & Maintenance
Seeking perfection

Great app maintenance is carried out with care. We look after apps like we develop them: combining imagination and engineering. Doubting your app performance? Let us do an audit. We’ll help you avoid the mistakes of others. We offer assessment and proposal, team ramp-up and hand-over.

Managed Security
Better safe than sorry...

The security of your system is the foundation of all your endeavors. We perform monitoring, gather data and report vulnerable areas. We also do penetration tests and system hardening. In case of an incident, we’re here to put out the fire and collect the digital evidence.

Transition to Microservices
Simple is good

There’s so much to like about microservices: versatility, efficiency, speed and accessibility. We’ll help you make the most of the wonderful architecture that turns complex applications into minor, autonomous processes. You’ll gain easy scaling, integration and product agility. Cool stuff!

Open-Source Transformation
Stronger together

Using non-commercial tools can seem unconventional at first. A reduction of licensing costs and TCO, an abundance of different set-ups and environments, and quick customization… That doesn’t sound crazy at all, does it? Tested daily by thousands of engineers – that’s open-source.

Secure Software Development
On the safe side

Where security is critical, development based on best practices and guidelines – like Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle or OWASP OpenSAMM – is the only choice. Unless you like to gamble. We employ automated checks, perform security audits and provide training.

App Cloudification
Application weight loss

Let’s put your software on a diet. Cloud-based, container packaged apps are a relief to your system. Easily manageable, auto-scaling, cost-reducing, built with microservices – simply smart! Cloudify your existing apps or let us develop some cool new ones.


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