Human intelligence multiplied

What makes tech human? Cognitive user experience is the missing link between software and its users.
AI changes the way people interact with technology. It expands digital experiences and explores the immense possibilities of human thought empowered by the tireless perfection of good technology.


Make the most of data-driven intelligence

The volume of data we produce every day is mind-boggling. Data scientists make sure we rise above the digital ocean to see the full picture. With AI-powered cognitive tools, we're able to embrace Big Data and deliver personalized services that boost performance and scalability.

At intive, we turn complexity into a business advantage, chaos into value-producing mechanisms and information processing itself into art. Today, AI backs financial services, retail, healthcare, travel, manufacturing and all digital marketing. Cognitive software is not the future, it's the now.

Don't drown in the data; use it to fly high.


AI – your ultimate advantage

Big Data

Data processing got smart. Seize the opportunity and enjoy all the Big Data benefits that are out there. Good data governance elevates performance and speeds up decision-making. We’ve efficiently linked 26 data streams to boost our client’s business intelligence in the banking sector.

Data Science

Without it, there’s no internet search. And no internet search… means no cat videos. Jokes aside, data science is behind every successful digital endeavor of our time. Intelligent data conversion replaces manually-established rules -- and doubles the results. 

Voice Assistants

It used to be, they were reserved for VIPs. Today,  personal voice assistants are commonplace. And speech is three times faster than typing. Take advantage of the latest tech. Our Alexa skills have already shown their potential. Alexa rules!


There’s a cognitive user experience revolution happening, in case you haven’t noticed. Conversational technology is winning business after business. We develop bots so cool, we use them ourselves. Every day.

Computer Vision

The possibilities of computer vision applications are unbelievable. Object identification, detection and analysis, paired with face recognition present a wide set of tools worth considering. Did you know that silent drones pursue elephant poachers in Africa? Ivory smuggling gained a new, restless enemy.


Amplifying human skills

  • Image Recognition
  • Big Data Transformation
  • Data Analytics
  • Conversational Software
Image Recognition
Seeing is believing

Living in a visual culture calls for sophisticated image processing. We work with machine vision, object detection, mood and emotion recognition and face recognition and tracking. We love smart solutions that make your customers smile.

Big Data Transformation
The sky is infinite

The gigantic flow of information is not a problem – it’s an opportunity. Business intelligence eases your decision-making, cuts costs, allows autoscaling and turns real-time data streaming into pure value. Cloudify the high-volume data with us and enjoy the serverless flexibility.

Data Analytics
Intuitive Software

Imagine knowing what your customers want before they even start searching. That’s the power of Data Analytics. Recommendation systems make all the difference. Predictive analytics based on data insights is the fuel for your brands success. Results powered by machine learning will surprise you.

Conversational Software
Let's talk

Chatbots and voice assistants are omnipresent and revolutionary. Fast problem solving, easy access to information and multitasking-friendly use. Ever tried cooking and shopping at the same time? No problem! We develop Alexa skills, embedded voice assistants and on-premises chatbots.


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