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intive in.js meetup Warsaw - kicking off a series

Jakub Żurawski

Senior Software Engineer, intive

Everyone needs a good reason to go outside on a cold, grey winter day. On the 4th of December 2018 Varsovians rushed to get gifts for the upcoming Saint Nicholas Day, but some, including me, decided to hide away from the freeze, grab a beer and touch on some front-end topics in a laid-back atmosphere of the first intive in.js meetup. Three speakers and a small crowd of JavaScript pros – not bad for a kick off. The place was packed. One thing I know for sure: for our next session we need way more space!

My name is Jakub Żurawski and I’m a Senior Software Engineer at intive. I live and work in Warsaw. For quite some time I’ve been missing quality front-end meetups in the capital. There are plenty events all year round, but oftentimes they’re irregular, the speakers have little experience in public speaking or present very basic understanding of discussed topics. Together with my colleagues, we decided to host an event of our own with the help and support from intive. We picked the legendary Jaś & Małgosia club which is known to most Varsovians as one of the favorite 60ties venues that somehow managed to adapt to the hipster ambient of today’s capital.

We focused on three front-end topics. I decided to shed a little light on the upcoming changes to React.js in 2019. The library is continuously evolving. Each new version offers developers a set of amazing, useful solutions. I talked about all the coolest features that are already out there and covered most of the ones that we’re going to enjoy next year.

Artur Siery (Senior Software Engineer at intive) gave a great introduction to monads and their JS use. There is a saying that “once you understand monads, you immediately become incapable of explaining them to anyone else”. Well, Artur certainly managed not only to explain why they’re extremely useful but also how fascinating they can get. We’ve learned about securing the code and making it more declarative.

The last speaker – also an intive Senior – Volodymyr Khytskyi talked about Web Assembly and how it fits in the JavaScript ecosystem. We got to see how Rust can be leveraged while using WA, and how the two function together. Volodymyr highlighted all the coolest tools that Rust offers and shared a great demo. We’ve learned how Web Assembly evolves and will soon be capable of providing some outstanding solutions. 

Considering the event was the first one in the series, we’ve done quite well. There were many questions from the audience and we got some wonderful feedback. Special thanks go to Piotr Kowalski for spreading the word. The meeting ended around 9 pm which means 2,5 hours of serious brain stimulation.

Lessons for the future? The spot was really nice and cozy, but perhaps a bit too small for our little gathering. The meetup turned out quite successful and we need to consider a more spacious venue for our next event here in Warsaw. We’d like to thank all participants and invite you to our second in.js meeting scheduled for late February/March 2019. Free admission, beer and some first-hand, expert insights guaranteed. We’ll keep you posted!

If you feel like sharing your thoughts and expertise with our audience at our next event, please reach out: hello@intive.com.

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