Cookidoo® Digital Recipe Ecosystem: cooking reimagined with Vorwerk & intive

Vorwerk & Co. KG

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The company, based in Wuppertal, Germany, joined forces with intive to bring its premium multifunctional kitchen appliance – the Thermomix® – into the new era, by creating a digital ecosystem called Cookidoo® to enrich the complex Thermomix® experience.


Concept development, product design strategy & consulting, UX/UI design, iOS, Android, web app, backend development


Vorwerk & Co. KG

Founded in 1883, Vorwerk is a family business and an international corporate enterprise focused on simplifying homes with high-quality, long-lasting solutions.


Consumer Services

Tradition and innovation together

Vorwerk, a German company, has been simplifying homes worldwide for over 130 years. The brand stands for continuity, personal contact and change. It is this readiness to embrace change that turned Vorwerk’s flagship product, the Thermomix®, into a cult-like object and the world’s most intelligent food processor. The same bold business culture opened the doors to a close and lasting partnership with intive – a relationship that results in game-changing products and services, astonishing upselling potential and amazing customer experience.

Thermomix® kitchen revolution 

Back in the ’70s, the first model of Thermomix® defined ‘multifunctional’ for cooking appliances, simultaneously blending and cooking to save both precious time and counter space. With every iteration the product gracefully left the competition behind. Extra features were added one by one, until the Thermomix® could stir, chop, grate, mix, knead, juice, mill, heat and weigh. It’s this never-ending innovation that pushed Vorwerk in the digital direction, and earned the Thermomix® TM5 the title of one of the most successful IoT devices worldwide. Now, with the release of the next gen Thermomix TM6 and the all new Cookidoo® platform, cooking itself just got reimagined and more comfortable than ever.

Cookidoo® – the game changer

Using every tech opportunity available today to shape a product of tomorrow is what helps in maintaining a priceless competitive edge. For Vorwerk, the challenge was to go digital with a premium household appliance and to extend the user experience beyond the device. Vorwerk partnered with intive to rethink meal planning and preparation, and to introduce a rich, holistic brand experience that embraces culinary inspiration and cutting-edge solutions. A dedicated, subscription-based recipe platform and the accompanying mobile apps changed the game for everyone. The concept of digitally-guided cooking got even smarter with the latest TM6 and the fully integrated Cookidoo®, which is now available wirelessly directly on the device. 

Leveraging connectivity 

Cookidoo® is a platform for culinary inspiration, full of Thermomix® tailored recipes that turn cooking and meal planning into pure pleasure. It offers visually compelling content in the form of culinary ideas and state-of-the-art search. Favorite recipes can be added into the weekly planner and a shopping list created. The new TM6 food processor is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and a large, 6.8-inch full-color touchscreen display that makes browsing the Cookidoo® library and following recipes easier and faster. The mobile app keeps track of all the cooking plans and shopping lists, which takes the routine and stress out of meal preparation. 

From iOS app to digital ecosystem

intive joined forces with Vorwerk in 2012. The goal was to compliment the Thermomix® with a dedicated iOS app that would represent the digital interconnection of cooking, planning and shopping. Soon enough, the scope of their work together exceeded the initial agreement and became a process of continual development and improvement of the app. This would now include the design and architecture of the Cookidoo® digital ecosystem, embracing user and market research, product design strategy & consulting, design system development, concept development, UX/UI design, web & native mobile development for both iOS and Android. From an iOS team of 10 to now 80 intivers working with the client on 13 different projects, intive has gradually become Vorwerk’s top digital partner.  

Values matter

Delivery of an inspiring product concept that brings together apparent opposites to shape the future of cooking was made possible thanks to the great level of trust between partners, and respect for their shared values. Vorwerk’s mission is to provide superior products and services with a human touch. intive’s teams translated this approach into design and development of Cookidoo®, to bring a user-centric perspective to each decision and the same great feeling at all brand touchpoints. 

As the leading digital agency, intive has worked with over 200 Vorwerk experts and multiple suppliers to establish a parallel feature stream development setup. They’ve introduced DesignOps processes, refined and aligned the UX for all points of interaction, brought in inspiration and storytelling to the platform, boosted search performance and enabled the seamless integration of all channels (web, mobile, device UI).

Powered by the cloud

The architecture of the Cookidoo® platform is based on self-contained systems that serve as independent web applications. Together, these form a flexible, scalable and reliable system. intive is also known for its love of cloud-based solutions. Once again, we trusted Amazon Web Services and the Red Hat® OpenShift® Kubernetes platform to guarantee short application development cycles. For the best cloud-based image processing, our client chose Cloudinary. Juggling multiple language versions was simplified with PhraseApp and the mind-boggling volume of content was easily integrated thanks to the Contentful infrastructure. Cloud-powered, integrated solutions perform flawlessly and welcome rapid growth. At all times.


The Cookidoo® platform gained significant design recognition winning three industry awards. It’s been honored with a UX Design Award in the ‘Product’ category of 2019 UX Design Awards in Berlin (IDZ), with a prestigious Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019 and an iF DESIGN AWARD 2020.

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