Eyeware and intive partner to get eye tracking software on mobile devices


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Munich, Germany – February 24, 2020 – intive announced today collaboration with Eyeware, an eye tracking technology expert. The Swiss-based company is on a mission to bring attention sensing applications to multiple industries. Its proprietary 3D eye tracking software relies on complex state of the art computer vision and machine learning technologies. Partnering with intive will accelerate the development of their flagship algorithms in a multi-platform environment and facilitate 3D eye tracking on consumer mobile devices. 

3D eye tracking software has applications in research and serves a variety of industries including retail, advertising, automotive, robotics, healthcare and consumer devices. Eyeware is one of the top quality providers in this domain. intive supports the company with software services since April 2019. The latest project – a proof of concept aimed at integrating machine learning technology with different platforms, including mobile – enables flawless porting of Eyeware’s machine learning models on multiple devices and expands the possible use cases for the technology. 


“We are at the forefront of using advanced computer vision and machine learning. Our R&D efforts allow us to keep expanding the use cases for our 3D eye tracking technology. Yet, they also bring challenges when it comes to ensuring our software’s flexibility.” – said Kenneth Funes, CEO and co-founder at Eyeware. “We’re delighted to work with intive to better address those challenges. The technology we provide is becoming one of the most sought-after innovations. The support we receive from intive’s engineering experts helps us capitalize on the current trends.” 


Eyeware developed their algorithms with multi-platform support in mind. intive’s deep learning expertise ensured a functional model transformation for platforms like TensorFlow Lite, model encryption, parametrization and optimized performance on mobile and edge devices. 


“Cognitive capabilities are among the strongest in our services portfolio,” – said Przemysław Łopaciuk, Director Technology, Media & Telecoms at intive. “The partnership with Eyeware is a great opportunity to prove our deep learning potential, combined with strong cross-platform and embedded skills. Eye tracking solutions have a mind-boggling range of possible use cases and advancing this technology is an exciting endeavor.”   

About intive

intive is a global digital powerhouse headquartered in Munich, Germany. With a challenging, exploratory and agile mindset and international teams of software, design and business experts, intive partners with market leaders in accelerating digital transformation for products and services of tomorrow. intive’s solutions driven by world-class innovation add value along the whole application lifecycle – from product conceptualization to its maintenance. The company’s operations include 13 development centers and 7 design studios in Germany, Poland, the USA and Argentina, as well as regional offices in the UK, France and Sweden. intive won the trust of the world’s largest companies such as Audi, BASF, BMW, Credit Suisse, Discovery, Disney, Esprit, Facebook, Google, ING, Viacom and Vorwerk.

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